Thanks For Everything!!!

From Our Team at FundedLocal: Thank You All For Your Support!

Hi! I'm Robert Shibata, the CEO of FundedLocal, and I wanted to add a personal thank you and moving on statement for our company!

During our journey with the company, with Joshua, Peter Fife, Viktoriia Kyrylenko, and Nafees Ahmed we are so glad to be able to help so many people with our product and such active interest in our product and mission.  

Another thanks to our advisors, Satu Ch and Aishwarya who helped us raise funds, taught me personally about fundraising, financial modeling, business skills,  and helped improve our company during the time that it lasted.

A large thank you to our Angels and pre-seed vcs that showed interest and an even larger thank you to AAG and CedefiAngels for the funding and further support!

Lastly but definitely not least, I thank you, the 80+ Businesses and Al Mada for your support, interest, and utilization of our product!

If any of you reading this are in the same space and want to discuss problems, or want to pick up after our project, or about our company feel free to contact me at


Robert Shibata and The Team @FundedLocal